Friday, February 21, 2014

Tennis Court Toddler Play

I have little ones with alotta energy! I am not able to run and chase them, so I've figured out a way for us to be outside and playing...yet contained, all within our concrete-asphalt apartment complex!   Use the TENNIS COURT!    It's completely fenced in! Some soft 'tennis' shoes [that's why we call them this, no?] and some balls n toys ...we're set to go!

Let's go wear off some energy!!

Some of my ideas: kick ball, soccer ball, bounce tennis balls (novel idea eh?), sidewalk chalk (on outter edges), hop scotch on taped down papers (sensory: hearing, tactile, prioproceptive!), relays, bubbles....oh hooray for fenced tennis court!!

Some ideas closely related to tennis itself:

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