Sunday, January 29, 2012

Birthday Crafting

After all the photos, captions, and Pinning, I am THRILLED to start blogging about some of the crafting things I've been able to accomplish!

A friend's 2 yr old birthday party is coming up, having very limited funds, I wanted to create somethings I think the toddler will enjoy. After Pinning like crazy, buying some [very cheap] materials, crafting a bit, and finally testing with my toddler..... here we go!

magnet pieces
First was making a magnetic pom pom board. I used white school glue, clipped a magnet [got free in the mail, cut into teeny tiny pieces], glued to the pompoms and let dry, all on a new cookie sheet. This took about 20 minutes from start, cutting magnets and gluing to pompoms, plus dry time ~20 min. Super cute! I now need to craft one for my toddler too!


Next, I made a push-thru for practicing fine motor skills. Upcycling a puff snack container, I cut slits into the lid, cut pipe cleaners in half [bending all ends over so they're not too pokey], and painted color coordinated dots over the cut clits on the lid to match the pipe cleaner colors (color matching will be for more advanced 2 yr old, I wanted the toddler to be able to grow into this toy).


Third gift; a lacing activity. Using pipe cleaners [again, bending ends over to minimize pokeyness] and foam hair rollers cut various lengths. Super easy!



This was an impromptu gift for a friend who crafts jewelry, she uses these tiny containers to hold the beads. I simply snipped a silk flower from a bundle, poked the stem through the plastic, attached a quick hand-written THANK YOU note, and delivered to her door! :)  (this was all done using dollar store finds, assembled while sitting in my vehicle)   What a quick and easy way to spruce up a gift, without a bag and tissue and card, etc!

I asked the clerk for a pair of scissors, clipped one for my toddler who was eyeing the pretty "fow-fer" (she thought she was the mac-daddy when I handed her the singular flower!), and another for my friend's package.


I also made this push thru for my toddler to practice and play with. I upcycled a container that had split on the side... cut holes various sizes in the lid. Push pompoms through the holes!


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