Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Food Stuffs

I just had to use the title, as I am going to tell you about our ah-maze-ing stuffed burgers we made recently... mmm. I heard the pun in my head and simply had to use it!

Simple enough, these stuffed burgers, topped with texas thick-sliced- toast,  were large and in charge. I mean, like, gianormous large. *Look at it in comparison to the steak knife, eeks!

To make 4 Gianormous Stuffed Burgers:
4 lbs burger (I'm telling you, these were l.a.r.g.e. burgers!!)
salt n peppa
cheese of choice, grated/thinly sliced
texas toast [we realllllly like thick toast for our home-made burgers]
toppings of choice

..Blend salt n peppa [and we in effect] with the burger.
..Patty out 8 large thin burger patties, about 5" diameter
..Atop one patty, pile about 1/4 cup cheese [we used Blu Cheese, and PepperJack]
..Top the cheesed-piled-patty, with a burger patty, and pinch the edges well (this contains
        the cheese through the grilling process)
..Grill to preferred done-ness [use a lid if you have hard cheeses inside, may have to drain
        grease part way  through, depending on the fat content of the beef and the grill of
        choice... a Foreman or outdoor grill will rid the  excessive grease as you go]
..Toast the bread, top with preferred toppings
.. Open mouth WIDE and chow down!!

Gianormous Stuffed Burger,  Mmmmm!


As a mom of a couple little ones who are constantly on.the.go. , I need a non-caffeinated  pick-me-up, mid day. I have come up with the concoction that helps me best. I have to say, the color is uber fun too! I haven't seen this colorful of a drink since my partying days [back in tha day].

Mommy's Mid day  Pick-Me-Up
one part Gatorade (or preferred electrolyte drink)
one part Juice (preferably not from concentrate, if you can)
Mommy Midday Pick-Me-Up

viola!  a sweet, electrolyte filled, simple, quick, easy, pick me up that is caffeine free! Yahhoooo!!! (not to be confused with YooHoo)


Reheat pizza in a pan, on the stove. Faster than oven, keeps crust from wilting or getting mushy.

I recommend doing this on Medium- to-  med high heat... as I initially did it on high (with a lid on) and the bottom got a little burnt. Good thing I like crispy, almost burnt, stuff!


Oh yeah! Not to confuse the cuisine and state... this is thick texas toast, french bread. This is now a tasty  breakfast treat.

French Texas Toast
3 eggs
1/4 c. milk
1 tsp vanilla
1/8 c. + cinnamon sugar (1-2 Tbs)
6 + slices thick texas bread

..Wisk eggs, milk, vanilla, cinnamon sugar
..Heat skillet thoroughly on Medium
..Dredge bread twice on each side
..Grill 2-3 pieces [whatever fits in your pan with space for flipping]
..Five + minutes on each side ** remember, this is thick texas toast, make sure the egg is cooked through!
        use the toaster oven on 250  if you're unsure about egg done-ness

French Texas Toast

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