Thursday, May 30, 2013

Unmanageability Part 2

...and the chaos doesn't stop with the main rooms...

Our closets and dressers are under utilized and unorganized.  Stacked boxes with who-knows-what's  inside. If we don't know what's in there, why keep it?! We've been working on the concept: one in, one out. For every 'new'  item we adopt, one gets donates (or sold if we absolutely have to recover the cost- this is becoming less and less, as we are more in the mode of GET IT OUT!)  And a flat surface is my nemesis,  becomes a "hot spot" in a moments notice.

The bathrooms are more manageable,  I believe that's because they're smaller rooms and I can attempt to clean up or just wipe down the surfaces (given my physical limitations). FlyLady calls it a swish &swipe... works for me!

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