Thursday, May 30, 2013

Unmanageability Part 3

... and then there are the cupboards, frig, cabinets, and other shelving units...

What on earth happened to my tidy, uncomplicated life?!  I used to keep everything where it belonged, and had a few boxes of crafty things... but child bearing and a debilitating condition, brought me to this point ....not even the cupboards are safe.

I used to practice the prinicple of just enough. As a single person, I had 2 plates, 2 bowls, pot n pan, 3 coffee mugs (it so sucks when you neeeeed coffee and the only mug you have is dirty), and half of a cabinet of food items. Oh, and a dorm sized frig. As a sahm mother of 2 and one enroute, we have a stack of plates n bowls n mugs, plus the kids plastic plates n bowls n cups n lids, a cupboard full of pots n pans, 3 cupboards and a small pantry of foods, and an apartment sized frig... that is NOT big enough!!

How can I ask for more when what I have is totally out of control?!

I love to cook but am so overwhelmed and out of energy, rarely can I even get to whatever foods I need to prepare... much less cook it. GAH!

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