Thursday, February 16, 2012

Homeopathic Remedies

Who needs all the otc drugs for sinus issues?.... just buy a bag of onions and start chopping! YEAH! Who doesn't tear up or start a nose running from chopping onions? I know I do! When hubby and I recently had sinus and cold symptoms, after chopping some onions, he received hours of relief, well worth the crying and runny nose whilst chopping [keep tissues handy and wash wash wash those hands]. Plus there are ready-chopped onions you can bag and freeze for future use!

Also, how about some sinus clearing with homemade staunch mustard on your next vittle... or, some Asian horseradish otherwise known as Wasabi!

And this, I have not tired but am eager to: MilkOfMagnesia as a deodorant, ringworm ridder, treating athletes foot or other bacterial issues... hmmm? Seen in a comment at the very bottom of this blog, I am willing to give this a try (at least the homemade deodorant and perhaps the m.o.m. deodorant).

Anderson's Natural Honey  for sore throat coverage! Did you know honey is antimicrobial, therefore ickies cannot grow in honey? Why not coat the ailing throat [for those over 1year of age, NOT acceptable for babies!] with straight honey. Also helps reduce cough due to post-nasal-drip, and helps to minimize allergy related irritations... triple bonus!

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  1. Thanks for your kinds words about the Road Trip Pillow Case from my blog. I checked the download buttons and found both to work. They should lead to a google doc page with the pattern. If it still doesn't work. Let me know and I will email you the direct link. Thanks so much.