Friday, February 24, 2012

Crafting: kiddos

 Crafting with garbage, foods, and recyclables!

As I tossed an empty chip bag towards the garbage, my baby abruptly turned, starring at the crinkley bag, reaching in the air as if to say "momma, I want that!". Hmmm... what can I make with it? I got it! A shakey crinkly bag! I cut the top half of the bag and threw it away (some things actually do make it into the garbage, lol).

With the bottom half, I turn it inside out [shiny side out] and gave it a hot rinse and dried. Then put  about 1/4 cup of uncooked rice into the inside-out-bag. Folded the top edge over, folded the corners in to avoid pokey points, and sealed with a long thin strip of duct tape [don't ya just love that amazing wonder-all tape?!]

Viola! an impromptu shakey toy! Both kiddos were pleased for many days on this piece of 'garbage' turned toy! I'd say it was a hit! And well worth the monies spent! (ha!!)


Toddler was uber bored with me one day... so we tried some fine-motor-skill-play time!
Spaghetti Dough Mounds!

Stick spaghetti into a mound of dough (playdoh shown, can use homemade salt dough too!), have toddler place cheerios onto spaghettis. Of course, she came up with her own rendition... shortened the spaghetti [because she was rough-housing them and they snapped], counted a few out, and  *precisely*  replaced the newly shortened pieces back into the already-used holes. Nothing else would do.


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